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Should Atheists Insist on Biblical Literalism?

Christianity makes certain truth claims which are based upon alleged historical events related to Jesus: his birth, his ministry, his miracles, his crucifixion and, finally, his resurrection. Should they be allowed to make those claims without definitive evidence or claims that any of the stories are allegory? Read more.

The Camels of Christendom

The accumulation of wealth on the part of certain evangelical preachers seems to violate the teachings of Jesus found in the New Testament. They appear to represent the wealthy who Jesus is supposed to have claimed could not get into heaven as camels could not pass through the eye of a needle. Read more.

Winter Solstice: Real Reason for the Season

The Christian holiday of Christmas is not celebrated on December 25 because it is historically provable that Jesus was born on that date. Rather, Christianity is a Roman religion. The time around the Winter Solstice was a normal time for celebrations in the Roman Empire. Since the Romans were polytheists and easily incorporated other religions and celebrations into their pantheon of beliefs, this Christian holiday was introduced and accepted, only to reach dominance later. Read more.