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The Essence of Atheism

Religionists generally will appeal to supernatural forces to explain the mysteries of the universe. Atheists, on the other hand, generally maintain that the supernatural either does not exist or is of no importance to the natural world. Read more.

Nihilism vs. Atheism

It is often said that "atheists believe in nothing" - that is that atheists are nihilists. That statement fails as discussed in this post. Read more.

Stupid Stuff About Atheism

From time to time, I run across something really stupid that people say about atheists. In this post I intend to accumulate some of those MISrepresentations and try to give you the truth. Read more.

How Santa Claus Led Me to Atheism

Realizing as a child that the Santa Claus story was a lie, I developed a healthy skepticism about anything told to me by adults. So, when asked to agree to the Jesus story, I refused and continued to question until I became an atheist. Read more.