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About This Blog

My name is Greg Swartz and I am a freethinking activist in the Kansas City, Missouri, area. I self-identify as an atheistic humanist. I hope to bring you my considered opinions and views, reviews of books, articles and such things, links and whatever happens along the way.

I have developed the blog to share my thoughts with the world, but I do so for my own satisfaction and am not concerned if there are people out there who disagree with me. Neither am I trying to make money on the blog, so I solicit no advertising or donations. It really does not cost much to do and is well within my means.

I am, also, a devout "do it yourselfer", so this blog is my own creation using mostly elementary computer code - HTML, CSS and PHP. My goal is to make it responsive so it displays well on all available devises. It is designed to be functional as opposed to pretty or clever. I am a self-taught amateur. I could use someone else's platform like Wordpress, but have chosen to learn a little basic code instead.

I read and write English only, so comments sent to me in other languages will most probably be ignored, although I do know a very small amount of Spanish. Though interested, I never did well with languages when I was in school.

For a little bit more about me personally you can go to the following post: How Santa Claus Led Me to Atheism. And, if you would like to see the books that I own, most of them are listed on my Library Thing page. I cannot tell you that I have read every one of them, but I have read most of them.

Comments are welcome, but they cannot be posted directly to this site. You can send your comments to my email account. If they are relevant and not spam or trolling, I may or may not respond or post them. Please let me know, if you do not want me to post your comments. Comments about anything else on this website can be sent to that address as well.

Have a great day!

Posted: 2016; Last revised on August 2, 2023.